The whole earth is a living icon of the face of god ~ St John of Damascus

From the melting permafrost that threatens parishes in Alaska to the wildfires that ravaged California this past year, to the U.S. South where hurricanes are becoming stronger and more deadly, Orthodox communities around the globe are already feeling the rising impacts of global climate change. ... Please review and use this website for educational and discursive resource! 

The Face of God is a film about God and nature, faith and climate change, the experience of Orthodox communities around the world facing and experiencing changes in their lives now; this is a film about beauty, ecology, theology, sanctity, our relationship to the natural world, love, asceticism, and always it is about the radiant living icon of the face of God in creation. We are showcasing our most important Church voices, highest ranking hierarchs, scientists, politicians, lay leaders, theologians, and communities around the world, and gathering the witness of the whole church on the defining issue of our time.

Produced by The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration, and written and directed by Fr Kaleeg Hainsworth, the Face of God will has been released world-wide on January 06th, 2021. Join us here for footage, news, interviews, and to follow the global journey of this film through the wealth, beauty, and transformative power of our Church’s witness to nature, climate change, and ecological stewardship. We are making this film with love, prayer, personal sacrifice, and with integrity. We would all dearly love your support and prayer.

Episcopal Blessings

Bishop Irenej

of Eastern America - The Serbian Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Nathanael

of Chicago - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Archbishop Alexander

of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese - OCA

Study Groups & Resources

Study Groups & Resources

This is perhaps the first Orthodox film that displays theology and its application to care of God’s creation and climate change in particular. Our goal is to present this film in every Orthodox parish and mission across around the world and to encourage study group development and local parish action.

Every dollar we raise will extend this film’s missionary outreach! Our goal is to express the Church’s voice about God, climate change, the environment, and nature across all jurisdictions, but we can’t do it without support from people like you!

Your financial donation is tax deductible, and 100% of your donation will go directly to the film, its promotion and study group development.

Looking for a way to address the challenge of climate change? Donate here and help us circulate this film to parishes everywhere! 

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Endorsed by the in 2006, in part with the support of His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Amisso of blessed memory (Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church, Johnstown PA), the Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration is a pan-Orthodox organization open to membership by all Orthodox Christians in good standing of canonical Orthodox Churches in North and Central America.

Its work originally grew out of efforts by its executive director, Frederick W. Krueger, on behalf of Christian approaches to environmental issues in the US, and by Fr. John Chryssavgis, as the North American-based environmental advisor to the Ecumenical Patriarch, among others.