Study Group Principles and Protocol: Quick Thoughts

Study Group Principles and Protocol: Quick Thoughts

Study groups need preparation.
To start, you need to select a topic. Next publicize that topic.
Climate change is not a small simple issue.
It is enormous in its implications and consequences for human life on earth.

To begin three things are necessary. Prayer. Protocol and Preparation.
Prayer invokes blessing and inspiration upon your program.
Protocol establishes a format and rules of dialogue. The rules should include listening, avoidance of negativity and interruptions. It is significant to note that negativity and complaint kill the Holy Spirit and its ability to enter into conversation and bring upliftment to your group.

Preparation brings background from the church, from science, from medical sources, from credible news sources, even from personal human experience on how the world is changing.
Finally identify a goal that each of your study sessions will achieve.

If you bring these features together, you can have a productive experience that will advance your awareness of how the world is changing. Once you recognize the forces involved, you are better prepared to enter in and know what the effects of climate change will be for your life and for the wider world.

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