Topics for parish study groups to explore:

Topics for parish study groups to explore:

Why is climate change a religious and spiritual issue?

Background: See how the Orthodox patriarchs address this question.

What is the Orthodox Theology of Creation?

How does this address ecological issues, especially climate change?

The Crisis – What are the causes of the climate crisis?

What are the consequences?

The Science of Climate Change

How do scientists know the world is changing? What is the evidence?

Denial – Why is it that some people fail to see the challenge that faces our world?

Why is there sometimes a denial of the seriousness of climate change?

Climate change and personal health

What do doctors say? What are the health consequences of climate change? How can you prevent damage or harm to one’s wellbeing.

Awakening to climate change: What does this mean?

What are the solutions to climate change? What do the solutions require? What are our individual responsibilities. Explain why.

What are the Responsibilities of Parishes in the midst of climate change?

Teaching, exemplifying, discussing, outreach to the larger community.

What is the concept of Priests of Creation?

What does this mean? What do the Orthodox patriarchs and bishops say about this? What does this mean for our personal spiritual practice?

What actions address climate change?

Yes, there are solutions. Discuss what these involve in terms of lifestyle.
Explain why these are important. Examine what it takes to make the necessary changes.

How does personal transformation relate to climate change?

Why is ascesis fundamental to engaging the problem of climate change?

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